... 1pm and sometimes I'll take it 5-10 mins later. My doctor said that when a female takes her pill about the same time within 3 hours, the effectiveness rate is 99.7%. So this month I had my period on February 12th and it lasted 5 days so my last day was on the 16th of February. I had protected sex with a condom on the 18th of February and yes I also took my pill at the time I'm suppose to take it. I'm nervous I could be pregnant, but I might not be. My doctor said you don't ovulate on the pill if you have been taking it correctly. Taking the pill 1-3 hours different from a female's normal time will NOT change the effectiveness rate. Also trinessa is a combination pill. If you take the pill late beyond the 3 hours a female wants to read her insert that comes with the pill.. Always use comdoms to protect yourself from STDs and etc and always just use another form of protection just in case.