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Is Trileptal used to treat bipolar disorder or severe depression or anxiety?

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Dr Fraud pH quack 14 Nov 2016

Trileptal is a neuroleptic anti convulsant "mood stabilizer" so technically it can be used for all 3. These types of medications are predominantly used to treat epilepsy and bipolar I and II and the MDD associated with the condition.

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Buck2504 14 Nov 2016

I took it for a while as a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder. It worked for a while but I had to have surgery on my back and it lowers your sodium level. As a result of that my BP dropped very low. Ended up staying in the hospital 3 extra days just to get out of danger. I would say it is a good med but watch your lab work. I wish you luck and God bless.

6Brettagne 13 Dec 2016

Trileptal is not a neuroleptic. Neuroleptics are antipsychotics and this is not an antipsychotic. It is an anticonvulsant which is used off label as a mood stabilizer.

janiebme 14 Nov 2016

Hi Liz-
Usually the anticonvulsants are used in bi-polar after they are stabilized on another med. It is used to augment what you are taking. They are know to help depression and in some people anxiety, even if they are not bi-polar. They also are used as 'mood' stabilizers to help the ups and downs of bi-polar disorder. They work well for some people.
Hope it all works out for you :) free discount card

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