I saw a neurologist yesterday (filling in for my reg. one) and told her about all of the side effects I've been having but she just told me to "tough it out" for the next 2 months until the other neurol. gets back from holidays. Acc. to the info on various drug websites and the drug company, it says to see your doctor because the ones that are bothering me the most, on a daily basis, are serious side effects. I don't have the "bad rash" or allergy, but I have almost constant headache and pain behind my right eye, am feeling a total lack of energy and very weak, unsteadiness, joint pain, nausea, dizziness/faint feeling, irregular heartbeat sometimes, among others. I am on (1200mg/day dosage) and have been on it for total of 3 months. My seizures are grand mal only at night or early morning, and have gone into Status twice. Just came off Lamictal because it was causing me Partial Seizures that involved crying fits, a couple nocturnal seizures, and MAJOR insomnia. So far have not had any type of seizures, that I know of on the trileptal... but did wake up on 2 occasions with the tell-tale bite marks on cheeks/tongue, so not sure.
Would like to know if anyone else has had lots of side effects from trileptal? If so, did they go away with time? They will be testing me this week for WBC count and also for my sodium levels. (at least the doc cared enough to get those tests!) I did not to do well on Keppra, Lamictal, or Dilantin... so reluctant to change at this point. She did mention Vimpat but, again, not keen to change meds again without knowing if I should just "tough it out" for now or whether to be concerned. Thanks to anyone who replies!