I have suffered from Tic doloroux for 7 years. I had MVD. It helped at first but, the pain came back and makes life living hell. I have taken every med tried and proven to experimental. They all suck too harsh side effects. Lyrica is far the best med on the market. At $2.50 a capsule and no insurance; most of the time I don't have the LUXURY and relief without shooting horrifying pain tics. I can get oxycontin 80mg easier than Lyrica. Instead of taking my life; I searched every corner of the world and have seen neurologists & neurosurgeons that seem to have little knowledge regarding TN. I do not trust doctors who say they are familiar or can sympathize with TN or the exsquisite agony we who suffer from the TICS deal with day after day. For those at wits end; it's not worth taking your own life!! I have found overseas pharmacies that sell medicatiions most American doctors would faint at the notion of prescribing... If they had the pain we suffer from, you can bet they wouldnt be poping Tegretal or neurontin. The great ol U.S.A. seems to be more concerned about the meds I order from a pharmacy overseas than the tons of illegal junk crossing our borders. Look at what generates the greater profits!!! Anyway, I had a nice deal with a couple of international pharms. I had a regimine of inj. midazolam or Versed, inj. fentanyl, Ativan, affordable lyrica,inj. diazepam and inj.MS. A combination of these hardcore medications actually worked for me. I held down a job and lived somewhat happily for almost 3 years. Now the DEA is right up my ass for importing dangerous narcotics. My neurologist even tried in vain to prove the meds were only for personal use. He agreed they worked for me. It is illegal for him to prescribe these types of meds. Not everyone could or should mess around with such powerful meds.For me, It was either death or the strongest meds I could find. It's ironic, I can buy alcohol on every corner and drive around maybe kill a few folks, that's acceptable... Now I have lost my connections overseas and the pain is soo bad i can't take it much longer. Perhaps someone who understands what i'm going through has any sugesstions. I'm willing to do or try ANYTHING!!!
Please help if you know people or that person who might be willing to help. Please
Thank's for listening. DREW I'm 40 years old.