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Tri-Sprintec - Are the white pills just sugar pills?

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DzooBaby 30 May 2012

In almost any 28 day birth control pack, the 4th weeks pills are inert (or placebo or inactive or sugar pills-whatever you want to call them). They are there to remind you to take a pill each day and help keep you on track as to when to start your next pack of pills. I recommend that women take them. I've known of too many women who forget when they are supposed to start their new pack and when you first start the pill, it really does help to drive it into your head to take a pill each day. They dont do anything to your body so it doesnt hurt to take them and you dont HAVE to take them but they are helpful to keep you on track. We are so busy these days that you can easily forget when you need to start your new pack. If you take your inert "reminder" pills, you know exactly when to start a new pack. Even if you dont swallow it, it is good to just punch it out and flush it. At least by punching a pill each day you remind yourself when to start the new pack. free discount card

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