Im now years old and is in good health. I have been on a differnet type of bc before but went off it and is now on Tri-sprintec cuz the i started to become irregular. When i started i finish my period and than five day later i got my period again(both lasted seven days). The first week on the pill was bad (very mild nausa) Then after i started getting sicker and sicker where i throw up or be at that point for hours. I didnt belive it then (my bf stayed i was very emotional and i never am) but i got really moody and cried over little things. I couldnt even finish the first pack of the last week. After a few days of not taken them i feel much better with the nausa part but is it still normal to feel the breast and a cramp that doesnt hurt but feel kinda tight on one side(higher up rite under your rib)? Its been maybe a week not even.