I'm on my first packet of tri sprintec. I started my packet the Sunday after my period ended( it ended That same Saturday). I took my pills every day at the same time (one was 15 minutes later than normal) and did not miss a day. After one week, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. I've been taking my pills regularly all month & have been having sex a couple times. at the beginning of my third week pills I began getting light cramps every once in a while. I do typically feel cramping a day or two before my period so I was attributing it to that. But I'm on my fourth week, second day and no period. I have been discharging quite a bit & I have noticed from after the first week of the pill that my discharge is thicker & smells a little different but it doesn't seem to be bad. I attributed that to the hormone changes. So yeah, my question would be if it's normal to have these types of cramps & if I should be worried that I am pregnant if I haven't gotten my period yet. I'm a pretty paranoid person.