I been on birth control since 28 years now. Because I have PCOS and it helps regulate. But this year my period has been weird. I been excercising again and I been getting it 2 times a month. About a month or 2 ago I forgot to take 3 pills and realize on fourth day (second week of pill package). I havent had sex for over a year and a half. So I went ahead and took 2 pills that day. Net day I took another. That same day at night time... took another and the following day went back to normal (I was on third week now). Then I got period on white pills. I believe this was 2 months ago. I started a new pack... took one week of the first pills... and had sex for the first time in a year and a half. It was kinda rough (I shouldnt really have done it because I am recovering from a broken coccyx bone and a torn rotator cuff). It was unprotected (no condom). But I was already on the white pills. 2 days later I notice some blood (Maybe it was rough). Its been a while. Then a day later more blood. Then a day after that I started my period again (but not VERY Heavy and its fresh red color). I am on starting on third week of birth control pills tomorrow. Am I pregnant or am I stressing again? I am known to stress a lot to the point I get really bad bleeding ulcers and need to be hospitalized but just lost my medical this month. So I don't know who to talk to. I feel so stupid in not starting a new pack. But I DIDNT expect to have sex. I also been loosing a lot of weight too (But thats because of gastric by pass).So am I stressing for no reason? Like I said I DIDNT expect to have sex... but its been so long and it felt good. I know he came in me a lot two times. I been told that I need to see a fertility doctor. Now that I need a doctor the most. I dont have insurance. Am I protected? (I know the lecture of STD... and I am clean). I kinda trust this guy because I felt a conection because he too was a gastric patient and lost a lot of weight. So we did have something in common. But he is getting that attitude I noticed "I lost all this weight... I am hot. I moved to a new city. I am not ugly" Sad getting to his head because he needs a lot of plastic surgery and he is going to be dissapointed when girls find out his body dont match the face. At least I was honest when I met him and thats why he reached out to me. But am I pregnant? I had my period (half on the placebo pills)and then had sex a week later (a week after I took the first set of "active pills". But started period again. I go through one pad... not even a day. But its fresh red blood. I think maybe rough since its been awhile. No pain or cramps. Just stressed... because he I found out he was a jerk afterwards.

Tomorrow I will be starting my THIRD week of active pills... Like I said I am going through one pad a day and its not really stained much. Only when I go to bathroom. I pee. Its not red (like a menstral period). But a few red drops do fall out. When I wipe its bright red... more around the clit. Sorry for being graffic. I think its sore... A week and a half since I had sex. He said he was clean (I kinda believed him) But who knows now a day. He got out of a 17 year old marriage. Just moved to a new city (having bad luck), I guess when girls see his face dont match body they want to be "FRIENDS" only. He said he broke up with his wife... love fell out. I think him having the gastric by pass in 2008 (he gained weight and is losing again). He is way bigger than me... and use to be over 400 before surgery. so he does need surgery no matter how much he works out. Mine at least toned up but I can get surgery if I wanted to for me.

But his weightloss and his ego is getting to him. (Why does this happen)

Has anyone experience this problem with the birth control. Am I stressing for no reason. Please anyone give me your oppinion... your idea. Your thoughts. Be honest please.