I am in college and my prescription for some reason was sent to my home address and not to the phrarm by my University. I am a Sunday starter so naturally, I ran out this last Sunday. Today is early Friday morning (2:30am) and I am picking up the package with my BC today. Do I start taking it today or on Sunday as if starting over again? The instructions are confusing and say something about taking one everyday and then throwing the pack away Sunday, and then starting a new one? That sounds so weird to me and I may be reading it wrong. I never went this long without it. I am not currently sexually "active", my boyfriend is at home and I am here so pregnancy at the moment is not an issue, but I know it has to be in your system for a while to work (or at least that is what I thought) and I don't know if this mishap is going to mess everything up. Thanks for any help.