me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex yesterday for about maybe 5 minutes. he didnt ejaculate, because i told him he was done and he got off me. that was it. I take my pill on time every day, I barely take it late, and if its late its an hour late and ive only done that once.

last month on august 1st, we had protected sex and had him pull out to be extra safe. I got my period 3 days late and I started freaking out. after that I told him I wasnt ready to continue having sex since I freak out too much about getting pregnant, even though I know I'm not. I overthink it and start to freak out and have a mental breakdown. he said okay, that's fine. but yesterday he asked to put it in a little bit and thrusted a little bit. so I let him since he wouldn't be "getting any" for quite awhile. anyways, should I be worried? or should I be okay? (when I start to think about being pregnant I begin shaking and feeling nauseous and cant concentrate) (im 16, and I want to do a lot in the future, and I cant let a pregnancy throw me off!)

sorry for the post being so long, I just want to put as much detail as possible. thank you so much for your help!!