... 1999. I have had 3 Spinal fusions, 3 lamonectomies, 4 Bone grafts, and a Golden cage, made out of Titanium, fitted into my spine. I take 2 to 4 in a day, for that extra pain, if I overdo the walking, or exhert myself. Now suddenly they have withdrawn it off the market here. No warning, and I, due to the fact of taking this pain killer, since 1999, do rely on it, It really does help with the extra pain I go through. I still to this day, can't sleep right through, I cannot walk too long, I cannot stand and wash more than about 6 to 7 dishes, and my back screams out in agony, so I have to go and sit down. I was in a wheel chair for quiet a while, then when I started taking the Synap, I felt a differance, etc, and if and when I do, I take 2 Synap, and they give a bit of relief it feels good to be able to walk around the shops etc, instead of being stuck indoors on the couch watching t.v.. Now that they are been taken off, what is there, or is there, anything, I could take that is similar to them? The main ingriendient(spelling) is propoxyphene. I would appreciate any form of help please, and I live in south Africa. Is there something else very close to this tablet, I could possible get? Thanks, Belinda. Email address is lottersbc@gmail.com