I am a 40 yr old female who was recently prescribed tretinoin cream (.025%) for acne. My first night using it (only supposed to use it at night), I noticed within the first 5 minutes or less that it seemed to start affecting my nervous system. I began to feel disoriented/dazed, and eventually upon trying to fall asleep, I noticed I had a little insomnia. The next morning, I continued to feel disoriented and dazed with some anxiety. These feelings (mainly the disorientation) carried on throughout the day until late evening. I used Retin-A in the past (in my 20s), and had no side effects... period. Nothing but flawless skin (I should mention that I took it alongside oral Minocycline). I contacted my dermatologist to inform him of my side effects, and he stated that the tretinoin should not be causing these types of side effects. I know my body, and I know how it made me feel despite what he said. I tried it a second night, and the same thing happened. But instead of going through that scary episode again, I immediately washed it off, and the feeling(s) went away. Is it a possibility that I'm having an allergic reaction to tretinoin or one of its inactive ingredients? With tretinoin being the active ingredient in Retin-A too, but because it's the name brand, could I possibly get the same side effects from that if I decide to switch?