First, I apologize if some part of this english writing is incorrect, and I am grateful for you taking the time for reading this.
I was prescribed Wellbutrin 300mg, Lamotrigine 25 mg twice a day, quetiapine 50mg before going to sleep. I am also taking alprazolam 0,25mg because I am supposed to stop taking it slowly. This is supposed to be a strong treatment to quickly recovering from a stressful semester and prepare me for an upcoming one. I previously was taking Zoloft at high dosage with alprazolam but the benefits were minimum. Now, I feel less anxious (I stop hurting myself with food and stop procrastinating) but I am irritated, and this is making me hurt my family. I also feel like I am forced to wake up even when I am sleepy. But it has been useful for depression. Also, and this what really worries me, when I am doing something (that is important to me) I get extremely irritable and I feel that I can manage responsability... And my stomach is upset. So, are this symptoms going to dissapear?