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Once treatment starts with opdivo, has anyone had an alcoholic drink such as vodka/tonic?

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Carolynpatricia 25 May 2016

Yes. I have had 13 opdivo treatments so far. Although before my lung cancer diagnosis 2 years ago and several different types of chemo rounds constantly I then had to switch to opdivo and liked to drink socially. Haven't felt the urge really to drink but I did used to love beer. 1 week ago I drank 2 vodka drinks and several beers. Don't know what got in to me but I was perfectly fine. Labs a few days later were fine too. I say have a drink or 2 now and then. You deserve it!!! Cheers

daniel655 25 May 2016

Thanks, Carolyn. Most reassuring. I know the doctors finally told me I could have a glass of wine or 2 socially with my friends but I have had Vodka/tonic on several occasions and it does not seem to bother me. I have avoided alcohol on the evening I have treatments. So far all is going good. Thanks so much for your input. Means so much more when coming from someone who is going through similar things. Wishing you the best with all. Linda

RWiggins 9 Oct 2018

Hi Linda; I’ve now had 3 Opdivo treatments and have a glass or two of wine with no issues. I’m of the opinion that we shouldn’t have to give up the things we enjoy in life if they are not interfering with our treatments! Good luck! free discount card

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