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What the treatment to remove the tan skin from the face. I have tried gycolic but not effective?

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endlessPred 23 Sep 2012

Not sure what you mean by tan skin? Discolorations? I suggest you see a dermatologist so this can be looked at just to be sure it is not due to more than sun damage. many bleaching agents take a long time to work. Some are very harsh and may cause skin reactions. Remember to wear daily sunscreen to prevent more discolorations.

Lisa01 23 Sep 2012

Sometimes, but not always, you can try rubbing your skin with fresh lemon halves and then exfoliating with a gentle scrub meant for the face. The lemon can be used several times a week, but the scrub not more than a couple or you'll do more harm than good. I've used this successfully on self-tanner that's gone wrong. Hope this helps you!

endlessPred 23 Sep 2012

I found I was allergic to lemon so just do a little patch to see how you respond. there are plenty of over the counter items as well.

Lisa01 23 Sep 2012

There are a lot of over the counter remedies, I just liked the lemon because it was cheap and natural. But allergies are a possibility so a patch test is a good idea. You can make a good, natural scrub for your face using milk, honey and sugar to form a loose paste. Milk is actually a very soothing substance on your skin, although you need to be sure to rinse it off.

Inactive 29 Sep 2012

I'm pretty sure that you are talking about discolorations. That is called melasma. It is dark patches on different areas of your face, but can be on your body also. It takes several things for this condition to SLOWLY fade. One is to wear a sunscreen daily, next you have to exfoliate several times a week, and thirdly, you have to use a bleaching agent such as hydroquinone. This is a bleaching agent that comes OTC at 2%, but you can get stronger from the dermatologist. If you choose to do this undertaking on your own, understand that your skin might be sensitive to the treatments, so be careful, and also that it takes MONTHS for it to lighten up, so be patient. Also, one missed day with the sunscreen, and you can set yourself back for months. Glycoloic acid is a peel, not what you need in this case. Best wishes to you. free discount card

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