Im a 22 year old female. I first got pregnant November 2013. Early 2014 is when my disc originally became herniated. Leg pain, hip pain, and stuck in a "stoop" posture for long periods of time. After I had the baby in 8/2014, it eased up a little but I became pregnant again by the end of the year. I had to use a cane, leg numbness(both) etc. 7 months after the baby was born, I've gone through 2 sets of physical therapy, steroid shots, different categories of medicine, and back braces. Between an MRI, EMG, and Doctor assessment, I have 2 herniated discs, one is extremely bulged, twisting hips, torn ligaments, muscle spasms, and now I'm experiencing extreme upper back pain from my latest therapy.
I saw a surgeon early, who told me I am too young, I have to deal with it, it might go away in 1-5 years to come see him then. Do I have any other options?