I recently upped my dose of lamictal from 60 to 80mg per my doctor's instructions. Almost immediately after I started experiencing horrible pain in my neck. This could be a rare side effect of the medication, but I went to urgent care and they tested for mono and meningitis. All came back clear, and they concluded that i'm having severe muscle spasms. they prescribed me muscle relaxers, however as I am a recovering drug addict I was reluctant to take them. I took one the next day as the pain has been unbearable, and I've been taking 5 ibuprofen every four hours to reduce inflammation. Nothing has worked. The pain has gotten so bad that my hands and mouth have been going numb, which the doctors say is due to the muscles pinching my nerves.

What i'm looking for are some ways to relax my muscles without the use of drugs. please help, i'm in so much pain :/