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Treatment for functional dyspepsia?

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Marvell 19 Nov 2009
dia4 19 Nov 2009

Thank you for the links;unfortunately, none of the medicines prescribed by my doctor work, (prilosec, ativan) so, I'm trying to find someone who has tried other drugs to alleviate their symptoms. I do not have acid problems just early satiety, bloating and pain in the upper abdomen, as well as weight gain in the waist/abdominal area. All tests are negative.

Marvell 19 Nov 2009

So you are not diabetic?

Have you tried domperidone?

dia4 20 Nov 2009

I am not diabetic but have non-hodgkins lymphoma. I take chemo periodicly in order to stay in remission. I have to be careful as to what drugs I can take because of all the side effects of each and every drug. So far, all I do is have small meals and drink in between meals. it does not seem to make a difference as to whether I add fiber to my diet or not. My internist and oncologist don't seem to know what to give me as far as treatment, so, I just take Ativan when I feel nervous and get on with my life. Thanks so much for your responses, I really appreciate your input. free discount card

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