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Are there any treatment for Aicardi-goutieres syndrome?

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kaismama 23 Oct 2012

Currently the only treatment is supportive.

tanbir 24 Oct 2012

Doctors are giving anti seizuring drugs only... is it the supportive treatment?

kaismama 24 Oct 2012

supportive would be anything that made the person feel better or ease up symptoms.

Inactive 23 Oct 2012

Hello tanbir. Yes there is. I will research and give/add the necessary medications, that have been attempted and with some success. Regards pledge

tanbir 24 Oct 2012

Thank u very much...
but Yorkshire regional DNA Laboratory gave report, " patient is homozygous for RNASEH2B sequence varaint c.632A>G (p.Tyr211Cys)"
Patient is 1 year child and was under treatment of National University Hospital of Singapore.
In the conclusion they state that their is no known treatment for it. free discount card

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