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How can I treat scars and the ithcy skin on the scars after recovery from a severe burn injury?

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Delila 15 Jul 2013

Hi, last year, i spilled boiling water on to my hand. I lost all the skin on the back of my right hand & fingers. I was instructed to use Aqueous cream several times a day whilst the skin was healing. This moisturised the skin and helped cool it so helping with the itching. Post trauma, now my hand is recovering and new skin has grown, i continue to use Aqueous cream and Bio-oil. I also use SPF 30 whenever i go out and the skin is exposed.

Lisa01 15 Jul 2013

Delila gave you a great answer. My Dr had me use vitamin E oil on my scar post-surgery. He told me to buy a bottle of the vitamin E gelcaps, use a sterilized safety pin to poke a hole in the end of the help and squeeze the oil out directly onto the scar. Then firmly rub it in using a circular motion. Rubbing as firmly as he wanted me to was a bit painful, but it helped break down some of the scar tissue beneath the skin so the scar's appearance was much smoother. Plus it had the added benefit of making it virtually itch free. It's also much more cost effective than some of those pricey scar-reducing creams. You probably shouldn't rub it in as firmly as I was supposed to since you're dealing with new skin as opposed to a surgical incision. I hope you find some relief from one of our suggestions!

Delila 15 Jul 2013

Great suggestion about the vitamin E oil. I have been recommended this in the past (when i had a scar on my arm), and like you, i bought the capsules and opened them to release the liquid. Massage is also great for breaking down scar tissue as you say! free discount card

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