For the past few days, I have been getting terrible headaches around the same time, 11:30am, while I am at work. The headache makes me weak, tired, disrupts my focus, and makes me very nauseas. The headache feels like a burning or tingling all over my head, but specifically the top. It lasts the entire rest of the day until I go to bed.

This past May, I had the same headaches for an entire month. At first they would come only in the evening when I left work to go to class, but they increased in frequency until the pain was almost constant. I went to every doctor I could think of, from a chiropractor to my eye doctor, and I even went to the ER. It eventually went away on its own and I'm not sure what the actual cure was.

Now that it is back I am very worried that it will stick around like it did last time. It's very disruptive. I think I either have chronic tension headaches or cluster headaches. I have tried several medications but nothing puts a dent in it.

I eat healthy, exercise, and I drink tons of water. I would really like to know if anyone else has been through this and knows of a successful treatment. Thank you all.