I recently contracted poison sumac unknowingly in our backyard, and had it spread all over the front of my body within a couple of days. I went to an urgency care station nearby and was administered prednisone. I was told that it was fine to take Benadryl for itch relief while on prednisone. What I did not realize was the side affects of taking Benadryl by mouth AND topically. Now there is a terrible, angry, hot red rash under my belly where I had sprayed the topical. I have never had a rash like this and cannot find any information on how to treat it. It is all along the skin creases between abdomen, groin, and top of thighs, is very red and inflamed, itchy, a bit wet and hot to the touch. I had stopped spraying the topical the day after it appeared. I am still taking the oral Benadryl but am currently on my last dose of prednisone. Any help would be greatly appreciated on the fastest way to clear this up. I am currently trying to keep it dry and clean but it is very irritated and makes wearing clothing, sitting, and sleeping difficult.