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How can I treat acne that seems to have began at a lter age for me.i am 22 years old and have very?

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chuck1957 18 May 2014

Hi Ragnard;; ACNE has no age..there are lots of things now days over the counter that were prescription a few years ago,,Main thing is keep your face and body clean and if i were you i would go explain it to the pharmicist and get some recommendations,,, Benzoyl peroxide is always a good one that was always on prescription and they can get you a special acne wash at the pharmacy too..if it is real bad you may have to see a doctor they have many other things and sometime treat with these type thing plus different antibiotics..But first you can check with the pharmacy and talk to one of the pharmicist to get started,,then if you decide a doctor is in order make sure you write down the names of the stuff you are using and take it to your appt..hope this helps some..Chuck1957. free discount card

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