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Trazodone - been having trouble sleeping and 50mg trazadone not helping, what should I do?

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Inactive 14 Jul 2012

Hello Asoc24. You might ask your doctor for an increase to the dose. The daily dose when given for depression is between 200 to 400mg. For sleep the dose averages from 50 to 100mg/150mg. Best of wishes, pledge

Inactive 14 Jul 2012

I totally concur with Pledge on this answer.I have used trazadone for sleep, & it works pretty good, but you cn get usd to the dose & eed an incres in it. Very important you let your doc know of any new developments... Mary

kaismama 14 Jul 2012

Yes, I agree with the others. I also know there are a few other things you can do to help with sleep. Have your room totally dark, even light on alarm clock is too much. No television or computer an hour before bed. Go to bed at the same time every night. All this is to teach your body when to release melatonin, which makes you sleep. A glass of milk before bed can help. During the day get a little sunshine, and as much exercise as you can tolerate. No caffeine for 4 hrs before bedtime either.

balbanese 14 Jul 2012

Tell your Doctor so an adjustment or change can be made.

pamee 14 Jul 2012

Ask your dr. for an increase. I take 300mg trazodone and most always works. Best to you... pamee

RachelinAZ 16 Jul 2012

I take 100mg and another 100mg if needed (I don't want to be drugged out the next day). I would ask for them to increase it, but slowly do it because if I am not careful, I will just want to sleep the next day away :( It sucks. free discount card

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