I started trazodone last night for sleep, took 25 mg an hour before bed, with no reaction. 90 min later I took another 25 mg. (had been in bed for 30 minutes). From reading other people's posts, it sounds like part of the problem was not going to bed soon enough after I took it. Some people say 30 min, some say 15 min. I waited until after 11 pm before taking benadryl, which I knew would work. It sounds like a higher dose might work better, but although I called my doctor this morning about all this to get an ok for a higher dose, she didn't call back. Did it not work because I took them so far apart? If you find it worked better the second or third night, could you talk about that? I really need a sleep med and this seems to be the best one for my purposes. I really want to make it work.