Hi there. Is anyone experiencing queasiness (with occasional vomiting) and headaches (sometimes pretty severe) from trazodone? If so, what dosage are you on, have you found that decreasing dosage has helped, have these symptoms decreased with time on the medication, and have you found anything that helps, other than of course headache tablets, tums, pepto, and the like? I'm trying to work out if the medication is the cause, and if so, if there's anything I can do to manage these side effects better.
I've been on trazodone for about a month, at 150mg for both insomnia and anxiety. I started another med known to possibly cause these side effects at the same time, but I've paused that to try to figure out if it's likely to be the trazodone, and the headaches and queasiness persist.
It's not every day for some reason, and the headaches have ranged from mild to lie-down-and-see-lightning-effects. The queasiness isn't full blown nausea most of the time, but fairly often it's a bit of a relief to just let it out (sorry to be graphic!) so there's been that.
So it's not really debilitating, but it's definitely not pleasant.
Thanks for sharing any experience/input.