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Why is trazodone prescribed as a sleeping medication when it's an antidepressant?

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bestpup 16 Aug 2016

When taken in lower doses, 50 to 150 mg some doctors have found Trazodone works just as well if not better than the more powerful sleeping aids available by prescription.
Also, Trazodone doesn't give you the long acting drowsiness and sedation upon awakening.

smileyhappy 16 Aug 2016

You need higher dose for depression!

Sigmundfriend 17 Aug 2016

Trazodone is found to cause drowsiness as a side effect in around 40 percent of users. It is often prescribed because doctors believe it to be safer and less habit forming than drugs that are actually approved for insomnia. This is not always the case. Unfortunately a lot of people who try trazodone suffer from serious side effects and find it hard to stop using. I don't think antidepressants should be used off label for the treatment of insomnia.

fayfaith 20 Aug 2016

For taking some antidepressants in low doses can cause drowsiness and aid into falling asleep & sleeping. I actually would rather use an antidepressant than a sleeping pill. The thought of taking Sleeping pills have always been a little uncomfortable & scary to me period. Taking antidepressant as a sleeping pill you're not taking it constantly or on regular basis and if so at short lengths. It isn't dangerous as in taking sleeping pills and a plus if you do suffer from depression, anxiety & panic. A lot of the time problems sleeping do relate from the worry & stress of situations in Our daily lives. The constant dread and possibly even fear of things to come or what has happened. It's as any medication, what works best for you and a decision only you and your doctor can make and usually doctors know a tat more about these medical issues & concerns than the average bear and We know a little more about Ourselves than a neighbor or friend. Wishing you Well with a good night's sleep.

fayfaith 20 Aug 2016

P. S.
ALot of antidepressants are medicines that were regionally designed/made for other purposes/illnesses and vise versa. Many patients take seizure medicine for different types of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, panic and so forth...

fayfaith 20 Aug 2016

Also "antihistamines" are used for relaxing, a sleeping aid, for panic attacks, stress, as in taking these meds, Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Busbar ... free discount card

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