I have delayed sleep and I'm suffering so much. My docs can't recommend much else to help me. The most "effective" for Insomnia has been trazodone, 50mg, but I'm so groggy the next day, at minimum through morning, sometimes even through the afternoon. What can I do? I've tried every natural supplement, many of them in the same night. I've tried Hydroxyzine but it wasn't strong enough yet made me groggy too. I've tried Gabapentin for sleep, and while it helps, it only seems to last a few hours, feeling like it doesn't stay in the system long. I think I've taken up to 400mg. There is nothing else my docs can recommend. I have not tried Ambien since they think my system is too sensitive, though my friends have been helped by it. Can anyone who has had these similar issues tell me what's worked for them that I can do or get or ask my doc about?

Oh! Someone said to add age, gender, and weight... Late 30's, female, 150 lbs.

Thank you!