O.K here it goes, I am sitting here looking at my row of medications and wondering what am I going to do. I am currently taking 2 mg of clonazepam a day for anxiety, I have 2 bottles of Trazodone one is 50mg and one is 100mg for sleep. ( I told my Doc that 100 and 50mg were to much for me I feel groggy the next day all day long ) So he told me to cut the 50mg in half and see how that goes. Also my Doc wanted to put me on Effexor for depression but I asked him for Zoloft instead since I heard It works better. I got Sertaline HCI 25mg wich is the genaric form of Zoloft so now im worried that the genaric wont work as wll as the actual brand name??? My brain feels like its on overload as I still yet have not stopped taking the vicodin and morphine. I know I have to withdrawl from those before I start the antideppresent... I dont know if anything I am writing makes sence to anyone Im just looking for some support and any helpful ifo or thoughts on my situation. Thanks for taking the time to read this and all comments are very appreciated.
God Bless :)