... as a controlled drug (UK), so a bit scared. Read some internet items, patient reports giving it 80% good results. After an hour of listening to music, surfing web, playing snooker etc., still wasn't knocked out, but shut everything down and went to sleep within seconds. Caused my nose to block completely, so had to breathe through my mouth, kept waking because my mouth was so dry. A bit like having a bad cold. Dreams were short and not as disturbing as normally. PTSD.
Slept only 6-7 hours, didn't feel refreshed and VERY dizzy and balance problem. Can't divide dose. So will try and stick with it, but although I felt calmer today, think because so groggy. Bit like a bad hangover, but without the headache and red eyes, or the worry of what you did the night before. Anyone's comments please. I am bit worried about this drug, but haven't slept properly for 15 years. GAD, then PTSD. What an emotional failure I am. Ha Ha. True though