I have been battling anxiety induced insomnia for 3 months. I am currently on 30mg paxil and trazodone to help me sleep. I have been on trazodone for 4 weeks. I first started taking 50, then tried 75, then 100mg. All dosing levels worked to an extent but only got me 4-6 hours of sleep. So that is why I tried to increase it. My doctor told me to try increasing to 150 and up to 200 slowly. At any rate, for the last three nights I have tried 125 and 150 and slept WORSE! Last night I took 150 and it felt like I took nothing at all. This was the first time Trazodone failed to put me to sleep at ANY dosage. My question, does Trazodone at higher dosages actually start to work against you trying to sleep? BTW... I am a 39 year old male in excellent health. Don't drink, don't smoke... just want a good night sleep.