... just switched from working at home (where I could essentially work lying down) to back in the office stuck behind a desk 10hrs a day. To make matters worse this switch was also from nights to days. So I am having problems sleeping, which is compounded by the steroid injections I've been getting for pain management. I don't do well on steroids I get all jittery and that creepy crawly wanna jump out of your own skin feeling on them... So anyhow my sis in law was down over xmas and i was telling her how I was having problems sleeping but didn't want to go back on the ambien, 1- cause its bad for your liver, and 2 cause of the side effects... sleep walking, talking, crazy dreams. And she told me to ask my doc for trazadone. Says she take 50 mg has for years and it helps her sleep but doesn't knock her out, and no crazy dreams. I am on lisinopril hctz 10/12.5 ! daily and Oxycodone 5/325 1-2 Q 4-6hrs prn. Is Trazadone safe to take with these meds and can anyone tell me how this med works in comparison to ambien? Any nasty side effects I should know of?