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Is trazodone good for a sleep medicine?

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PepperM 13 Aug 2015

Yes in deed it is. My doctor started me on it about 10 years ago for insomnia. It has worked wonders for me. Good thing about it is it works great for my depression and anxiety. It's non narcotic so there's no dependency at least not for me. I really couldn't do without it. I do take a break from it time to time. It's an older drug used for many different ailments. Give it a try if your doctor has prescribed it to you. Make sure to start at a low dose usually 50 mg. Good zzzzzz

Danielle1984 23 Aug 2015

Trazadone does help with sleep but its primary use is depression. It tends to make my face puffy for the first few weeks of use and increases your late night appetite.. A minor side effect. But over all it definitely helps you sleep. I suggest a hot cup of tea before bed as well with it.. Caffeine free of course.

Delila 23 Aug 2015

Hi, yes it has certainly helped many people. However, because everyone is different people will react differently to medications. I would say it is definitely worth trying out Trazodone, and see how you go... free discount card

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