I'm not sure about this and am quite anti-anti-depressant usage due to the sexual side affects ... sorry I want a sex life! lol! sorry tmi ... lol ... any how I was given 25 mg. of hydroxyzine which did nothing for me ... I"m coming off of Ultram and can't sleep -- of course ... and my blood pressure is off the chart today and my doc decided/declared that it's NOT withdrawal? Really? 150/100 is normal? I don't think so ... plus the not sleeping ... I have been through withdrawal before so I know how it feels, unfortunately ... has anyone else been given this for sleeping purposes only ... and do you have to take it every night/and do you have sexual side effects if you are only taking for sleeping purposes? He prescribed 50 mg. once at bedtime ... just not sure :( I also am taking 2.0 mg of Klonopin per my sleep doc for periodic limb movement disorder ... was told these two won't conflict?