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Trazodone - Anyone experience impulsivity with trazadone? Only been on it for 5 days or so 75 mg?

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Inactive 14 Feb 2012

Can you explain, in a little more detail? I'm also on Trazodone; 50mg's. This is my third month. I'm just wondering if what I've done is what you are going through. ( its nothing major ) just a few changes.

hudson17 14 Feb 2012

Been having insomnia last few weeks. Waking up at 3-4 am and not falling back asleep . First dose trazadone 50mgtwice then 75 mg twice 100mg once. Had to lock door in car felt impulse to get out. Md recommends going back to 30 mg. I had this same feeling on Zoloft and dc'd that.
Not sure what to make of all this. Just need to sleep which will help my anxiety

Inactive 14 Feb 2012

Ok, let me try this again. I'm sorry to hear that Trazodone is making you feel this way. Very frightning stuff. What I have noticed with me( and these are recent) is I have a desire to drink when I normally wouldn't. ( I don't do it, but the want is there. Very unusual for me. And last night I ate a bag of cookies. Wich is way off base for me also. So you and I are experiencing very different types of things. I was really hoping the Trazodone would work for you,, I remember you had trouble sleeping do to your ... wellbuterin. please stay safe, and I hope you can get some rest. Hugs, Taylor btw. The comment I wrote before wouldn't go through. So if it pops up later just disregard it. free discount card

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