... taking Xanax since it came out..on the same dose as when I started..and no longer does much... took nefazodone for a long time..it helped me a lot but finally stopped working
I was taking 150mg of trazodone at night..but left me goofy the next morning
Used to take buspar back on buspar and a low dose of Effexor... was stressing out at work one day and took another Xanax..shrink said not good to go over 3mg a day.
Was taking 50mg of trazodone for sleep..recently added 50mg after I get up, before work..I like my job but stress out sometimes..anyway I find the somewhat drowsy feeling that you get from trazodone to be calming as I am keyed up enough to counteract it..I know many people find it troublesome..I guess the dose determines the response..my doc said it did not help with anxiety..but I find it does..does anyone else use trazodone for anxiety?