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Can trazodone alone be effective in simultaneously treating depression, anxiety and insomnia?

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janiebme 15 Jul 2016

Hi Xandecool-
It depends on the dosage you are taking. trazodone is used more often for insomnia in low doses. It can be sedative.
You will have your answer after 2-4 weeks of being on it if it is going to help you. Just a suggestion but try to post your dosage and duration, it helps other have more information to better answer your question.
Hope this helps :)

xandecool 15 Jul 2016

Thank you by your answer.
I starting this week on 50 mg .

janiebme 15 Jul 2016

Hi X-
Trazadone is an older antidepressant, not usually the first line of defense for anxiety/ depression. There are newer antidepressant that have fewer side effect and work specifically for the anxiety spectrum. Trazadone is not used much except for sleep because of the sedative effects.
It is usually an add on for insomnia with an antidepressant.
You are on a low dose. You can talk to your doctor about your options.

xandecool 15 Jul 2016

Trazadone has more side effects Lexapro? Said me not...
With trazadone i can treat three problems depression, anxiety and insonia. (or not?)
If change for lexapro by example i'll have to take a benzo to sleeping. (or not?)
Im lost...

janiebme 15 Jul 2016

Hi X-
Try the Trazadone if it works for you for depression and anxiety, it is the med for you.
You will not know until you have been on it for a month or two.
I hope it works for you :)

xandecool 16 Jul 2016

Trazodone have more side effects than lexapro?
Lexapro is more efective treating depression and anxiety and have less side effects is that?
If i change to lexapro i will need to take benzos to sleep?

janiebme 16 Jul 2016

Hi X-
Until you are on the Trazadone for a few weeks you will not know if it will work for you.
You may have side effects with any antidepressants. You will not know until you try them. Everyone has a different chemical make up, so they can effects everyone differently.
I cannot say if Lexapro will have less side effects for you.
If you take the Trazadone and it works for your depression/anxiety and you do not have to take a benzo, that would better long term.
How long have you been on the Trazadone? Are you still on 50 mg? Is it working for you?

xandecool 16 Jul 2016

I start one week ago on 50 mg.

janiebme 17 Jul 2016

Hi X-
How is the Trazadone working for you? Is it helping your anxiety/depression yet. Are you having any side effects?

xandecool 18 Jul 2016

I sleep much better.
Effects on depression and anxiety not notice anything yet.
I have no any side effects.
Increased today to 100 mg.

janiebme 18 Jul 2016

Hi X-
Glad that you are sleeping better. Maybe now that you are upping your dose of Trazadone it will help your depression and anxiety.
Let me know how it goes :)

grly56 30 Jul 2016

Been on Trazadone about two years now. Started out at 50mg, now at 150. I don't sleep at all if I don't take it. Is this drug habit forming? Doc told me no. free discount card

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