I had double knee replacement almost 2 years ago now and have nerve pain around my knees. If I can fall into a deep sleep I am fine, if not then I am up and down all night..
Dr said take 50-100 mg so first night took 50 and passed out with very vivid dreams, last night took 50 and could not get to sleep, knees hurt and was up most all night..
I am so groggy this morning..
So if I take 100 mg tonight and hopefully sleep and no pain will I still be groggy in morning?
I have a friend who has been on it for years and sleeps all night and wakes right up at 7 am not groggy..she says if she wakes and can't go back to sleep she takes another 100 and sleeps..
I just so much want to sleep with no pain and feel good!
Any help appreciated!