I was on 200mg of Trazodone, prescribed by my GP for a few months. I got there from a smaller dosage of 50mg. It worked great for sleep and did help every so slightly with anxiety but nothing great.
I eventually invested in seeing a psychiatrist who told that 200mg is too low for a proper anti-depressant/anxiolytic. She upped me to 300mg for a week, and now I've just started 400mg (on her advice).

Problem: at 400mg I've completely lost my libido. It's even hard to maintain an erection. This is puzzling, since trazodone is KNOWN to not cause sexual dysfunction, unless you're taking priapism, which has never been a problem on this med.

Anyone with a similar experience? I've asked her if I should go back to 300mg and she's adamant on the 400mg.