Per Dr.It worked wonders. I slept well and woke ready to start my day. About 2 months later the effect ended. I had been taking zoloft for years, went off of it then back on at night with the trazodone. All of a sudden my, already severe depression got worse. The Dr. then put me on 5 mg Lexapro then after a week upped it to 10 mg. I wake up early feeling terror, extreme anxiety and the worst fear, just like with the Zoloft I suffer from severe dpression and now anxiety disorder. But when I add an anti depressant I get worse. Ive taken many different types, wellbutren, mood enhancers... and they make my life a living hell. I love trazodone and ativan, but mixing with antidepressants are terrifying. My depression is to the point I have no desire for anything. I sit all day, no tv, books, my hobbie, work... nothing !!! Is there an antidepressant that will work with trazodone and ativan without feeling like Im losing my mind? Plus, I noticed the symptoms became so much more pronounced since starting!:(