On my doctors approval, i have been on trazodone 150 mg successfully (I think) now for about 2-3 years. I heard recently that it causes muscle pain. I didn't equate the two right away until last week when I was in a crisis stabilization center that taking trazodone causes muscle pain.

I have been having pain in my legs in the thigh area moving downward now for quite some time. When I heard this, I thought perhaps my traz might be contributing to this. I have been to the doctors, osteo, neuro, etc, and still no diagnosis yet.

Stupidly perhaps, 2 nights ago I stopped my traz to see if it would make a difference. So far no. however, the pain in my thighs have somehow eased.

I am experiencing withdrawal such as shakes, sweats, mania, feeling out of control, but I CAN control these.

Has anyone else had problems in their muscles with traz besides me?