Hi all,

This is my first post so I apologize if it is a little long winded. Almost 1 year ago I was impaled by a 10 inch piece of rebar. It entered my right inside calve and lodged behind my knee. On top of that the rebar was covered in bird poo.. Nice right? Anyhow, I've suffered through a total of 15 surgeries as well as a skin graph, just had another surgery and now need another akin graph. Because of the constant hospitalizations, almost 4 months total my doc decided to place a portocath central line to make IV access much easier for me. I was also diagnosed with vasculitis now too and put on Prednisone. Was told of this didn't help me then chemotherapy is my only other choice. The constant stress from all of this has taken its toll on me mentally and I'm not taking ativan every now and then when I get panic attacks. Chemo is just a very scarey thing for me to think I might have to endure. And I feel crappy that I'm putting my beautiful wife and children through this. Anyhow. Pain has become a centerline of my life. And I have been on 10-325 percs for months now. They have since stopped becoming as effective and my doc thought that fentanyl patch at 50 mcgh along with 10mg oxycodone IR would be more beneficial. I stared a 25mcgh patch in the hospital but I didn't think that alone would be enough and because of the amount of skin damage and muscle damage my doc agreed. I'm really scared it's not going to work. Does anyone here have experience with this? I out it on about 6 hours ago and I'm slowly feeling my pain level drop. I just hope its enough. Anyhow. Thanks for listening and I await your feedback. Take care all.