Got a physical four days ago. Told my doc I wanted off of Paxil (30mg), primarily due to weight gain (20 lbs), night sweats, and sexual side effects. I also hated the feeling if I missed a dose. He put me on Welbutrin (2 x 150 per day), told me to immediately stop Paxil. Last night, my wife said something to me and I just totally blew up at her, like it wasn't even me. Today I have electric jolts and dizziness, and feel very detached from things. I had been on Paxil about two years at the same doseage... I know that Welbutrin and Paxil are two totally different drugs, and Welbutrin won't stop the Paxil withdrawal... but my question is twofold... has anyone gone this route, and how long are the withdrawal effects going to last? BTW... xanax helps, but just by making me calmer about the withdrawal effects.