... ran a CT scan without contrast only looking for brain bleeding which came back negative. I had residual effects after my TIA which lasted about a day. I could not taste anything, my right side was weak/paralyzed, my left temple felt bruised, I had a headache, and I continuously "zoned-out" and found it hard to speak.I was also cold; no chills but my skin felt numb and really cold. I continue to have symptoms like choking on food, forgetting words, and being easily confused when trying to speak.

After my results came back negative for the brain bleeding my doctor pretty much sent me away as if I was perfectly healthy, he didn't bother to look at anything else. I have had migraines with aura since I was 3 years old and I believe that could have been what triggered it (along with stress). My question is, should I continue to seek more information from another doctor?
I am worried as my grandfather and his brother died from hereditary brain aneurysms (fathers side) and my great grandmother on my mothers side suffered severe migraines and mini-strokes her entire life.
I've heard a lot of stories of doctors not being too concerned when young people have mini-strokes or a TIA to find that only a few months later the individual has a major stroke. I just want to try and prevent anything from happening.
Any advise would be great, thanks!