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Would tramodol help treat anxiety depression ocd and pain all at the same time?

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RaymondA 15 Jul 2013

Don't you find the other symptoms alleviated when the pain is treated? I do, and hope that you have similar relief. I've never taken Tramadol, however, so use your own experience as your guide. Good luck.

WildcatVet 15 Jul 2013

Hi, Dj! Possibly anxiety and depression if they were related to experiencing chronic pain. But they, along with GAD and OCD are psychiatric disorders and Tramadol, as a pain reliever, wouldn't have any effect.
Best Wishes, WCV

endlessPred 16 Jul 2013

There are excellent results to reduce psychiatric symptoms for OCD, anxiety and depression if you seek a qualified therapists. Many people can regain their lives. It does take work, it can be done. Take care.

jenniferrushing1980 16 Jul 2013

Hello, I take tramadol and I also have anxiety and ocd and bi polar, I would say no tramadol does not help with anxiety and ocd, I agree with WildcatVet on this, anxiety is a mental disorder, and tramadol is for pain. For the anxiety you might want to talk to your doctor about Ativan, it treats anxiety and panic attack, I also think it help with the ocd to, because it totally calms me down. But as far a the tramadol helping with the depression and anxiety? it never helped me in those areas. you know everyone is different, so it may work for you mentally, but maybe you should talk to your doctor about Ativan, or something else that treats ecspecially for those symtoms. I hope you find something that works for you!!! :)

kaismama 16 Jul 2013

tramadol is a pain medication. It has a mild mood elevating effect, but I wouldn't say that it helps any of those conditions. free discount card

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