Part 1) of two - I will just lay out the facts here, and let anyone who can, feel free to advise me. I am seeking answers, understanding, possible solutions or thinking outside the box!

`Broken neck about 15 years ago, 5th ligament in spinal cord - major neck surgery which included removing bone from my back.

`Started to get Ocular Migraines years later, thought to be induced my stress and/or a chemical imbalance. Doctors said there was no cure.

`Took me several more years to find a treatment that worked, which coincidentally happened because I had a broken hand from wrestling - right hand (main hand, dominant) in a cast for several months! Stress was through the roof! However, Tramedol fixed that, and after large increase in stress and migraines which included a loss in vision, Tramedol turned everything around!

`Found even after the hand issue, staying on Tramedol fought off my migraines which again are, were, optical. Not funny! I would use it daily for years, it helped/helps me greatly with focus, mood stabilization, creativity and thought processing, which all in turn reduce or completely eliminate physiological and emotional stress which in turn stops the migraines. I would have a worst case scenario of 2 or 3 migraines a week, effecting my ability to drive, effecting my work, etc... After Tramedol, I would not have migraines, EVER, years on end!