I took 25mgs of tramadol for back pain at 10:30am, then 4 hrs later took another 25mgs of tramdol. Then forgetting I took the 2nd 25mg I took a 20mg of adderall because I have an exam tonight and wanted to be able to focus. I will be drinking a bunch of water just to be safe. But will I be okay to take a 0.5 mg of Xanax tonight around 9:30 to help me relax from the adderall and sleep tonight? Or is the combo of the three dangerous even though they are all in relatively small doses.

Any information is helpful, I know the tramadol and adderall are unsafe and I have taken the two in the same day before but have waited 6-7 hours before taking the other. I have been on the tramadol for about 10 months now. Adderall has been as needed but I haven't really taken it in a couple months because I've been trying to not mix the two.