I took 50mg for 4 nights in a row. I had an adverse reaction to it - felt icy/hot speeding through my veins particularly my shins, feet, arms, upper back and chest. Also had slightly blurred vision and tingling lips. It has been 10 days since last dose. My shins and feet have tingled since then. But what is weird is that on day 8 and still now, my arms and upper back have tingled. The tingling may sound trivial but it is strong and gets worse at night. Is this normal? I think the symptoms are lingering because I had such a bad reaction to the drug. Is that possible? Why did the symptoms spread on day 8 and not let up yet? I have never done drugs and have no medical issues. I only took the drug because I have knee pain from wearing down my cartilage. Please shed some light on the situation. I am hoping that my nerves aren't damaged. Thanks!