I need advice . . . I've been reading this forum since I took my last Tramadol 2 weeks ago. I have?been on and off Tramadol for about 5 years for back surgery after an IED strike in Iraq. I have always been prescribed 2 50mg tablets a day or as needed for pain. There have been a month or 2 when I'm on it daily followed by months without it--and I've never had an issue, until now.

My back has been acting up and the Doctor prescribed me Tramadol--same dose. I took it for about 3 weeks (might have missed a day or 2, but pretty consistent). In any event, one day my back was really acting up and I took 3 (a total of 150mg and not at the same time), this was the first time I've ever exceeded my dose. All hell broke lose; I was hallucinating, I had a 9 hour long panic attack, and could not stop moving. I went to the hospital and explained what happened (with prescription in hand) and was told that I was experiencing serotonin syndrome and was given an IV. The doctor told me I could resume my dose and never exceed it, I felt better the next day although I was a bit anxious but after a few days, that passed. At the end of the week, I took my normal dose and was back in the hospital for the same symptoms (horrific panic attack). I was given Ativan and that calmed me down and I was pretty much fine the next 2 days.

I decided after all of this to flush the remaining Tramadols down the toilet . . . that was 2 weeks ago and it has not been pretty. I am now at 14 and the biggest issue is anxiety and it's debilitating. My doctor has given me Ativan and if I take 1mg a day, I'm good to go with no significant issues. I went just over 2 days without Ativan and the anxiety kicked in, not as bad as the first week, but significant enough to make me feel very uncomfortable physically and in any social setting.

I have never had this sort of anxiety before and I'm wondering if anyone else has endured this and how much longer until I feel some relief. I fear trading one pill (Tramadol) for another (Ativan), but right now Ativan is helping. Lastly, I don't have RLS but I do have hot/cold flashed, flu like symptoms, nausea and without Ativan, my sleep is horrible.

I've been exercising, eating well, taking vitamins and drinking a lot of water. Any advice anyone can provide, particularly, dealing with anxiety would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much