Hi there. I am a 30 year old female with 3 amazing boys and a wonderful husband. I have been dealing with an addiction for about 8 years now. I was diagnosed with Chronic Daily Mixed Headaches. Due to the diagnosis I was prescribed Vicodin for 6 months. Well my doctor was like "hmmm I am worried you may become a addicted, I am going to take you off." Fantastic however i was already addicted. Well I began visiting the ER a LOT to get more pain meds, started buying them off of the street, and trying my hardest to just get a hold of any pain meds I could. 3 years ago my best friend brought me a little baggy of pills. There were 120 of these little boogers. I was oh heck yea thank goodness... something to help with my headaches for a long time.

And this starts my journey of those little devils called TRAMADOL!!! After she gave them to me I instantly did some research on them. "never take more then 7, none addictive, non narcotic," blah blah blah! Thought PERFECT! Well I ran out of them and guess what MAJOR side effects started happening. I wanted to die and could not barely move. I rushed to the doctor and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My doctor sent me home with a script for TRAMADOL!!! I immediately got them filled. I have been taking them now daily for about 1.5 years. I have been taking anywhere between 8 to 16 a day. I even have 2 doctors prescribing them to me now. However yesterday I ran out. And no way of finding anymore. I decided that is it I am just not going to take them anymore. I want to live to see my boys grow up and meet my grandchildren.

I know that if I continue taking the amount that I am taking daily it is going to kill me. I have a heart disease and the last month I have noticed my heart palpating a lot more and severe chest pains. Also a significant drop in my breathing. So lil ol super woman here I thought I will just stop them and I will be fine. Woke up this morning, SEVERE muscle cramping, crazy twitching, feel completely out of my own head, and totally not me AT ALL!! I went ahead and came to work. I have been sitting here reading all of these posts about TRAMADOL WITHDRAWALS. Everything that these people are saying about withdrawals from Tramadol IS TRUE!!! There are a few on here saying that Trams does not cause withdrawals, if you took them as much as some of us and they did not cause you any withdrawals well great for you, HOWEVER 99.9% DO EXPERIENCE HORRIBLE WITHDRAWALS!! I just left work to go all the way across town to get 3 just to get me thru the rest of the day.

I guess I feel that I am just a loss cause. Unfortantely I am going to always be stuck in this situation because I can't handle the way it feels to come off of them. Is there anyone else out there where I am right now???